Halloween Tour 2019!

We have winners!: Congratulations and thank you to all the palaces and visitors part of this tour!!

The Votes!

Here is the list of votes and comments of each judge.

Judge 1:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Outrigger Island Original, Great Music & sound, Creepy looking animation, quality work.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Secret Island: It was good , animation is ok, good work.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Builder's Enclave: It was a good show and animation.

Judge 2:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Outrigger Island: The tour was really good high quality images, and liked a lot the sounds effects with the voice sound clips.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Secret Island: Liked the quality of the animations.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Cajun Country: Nice themed animations was a good tour.

Judge 3:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Outrigger Island: I enjoyed this tour too much, great images and history.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Desert Island: I liked the big animations, was really scary.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Builder's Enclave: I liked the witches histories, kept me interested till the end of the tour.

Visitors Votes:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Enchanted Forest
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Cajun Country
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Outrigger Island
  • 3rd place (1 point) for slave Myst
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Enchanted Forest Falls

Final Results!!!

Name Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Visitors Total
Outrigger Island 5 5 5 1 16
Secret Island 3 3 6
Enchanted Forest 5 5
Country 1 3 4
Desert Island 3 3
Builder's Enclave 1 1 2
Enchanted Forest Falls 1 1
slave Myst 1 1


The winning palace will be able to select 1 prize from this list:

1st Place

  • 1 new palace on basic plan for 3 months
  • or 1 new radio shoutcast on basic48 plan for 3 months
  • or 1 free upgrade (if you are an elitepalaces client)
  • or 1 free month advertize (at welcome and chat palace)

The winning palace will be promoted at the palace portal main site and will be our featured palace (if is an elitepalaces client).

2nd and 3rd places
will be promoted at the palace portal

NOTE: if a staff palace wins, the prize will be duplicated for the second place.


We will do the Palace and visitors rafle on November 5th at 9:00pm EST at Chat Palace, there all palaces part of the tour and all visitors that had voted for them favorite can win different prices, please join us maybe you are the winner!!

Tour List!

This is the list of palaces that will participate in our tour.

If you are a palace owner: Please leave your tour open till November 2nd so people can visit it.
If you are a tour visitor: Hurry up!! Visit the palaces you have not checked yet and enjoy them really great work!.

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Name Users Online
Start Chat Palace (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 29
1 Enchanted Forest Falls
2 Enchanted Forest
3 Locura Magica 0
4 Cajun Country
5 California Dreams (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 0
6 Secret Island
7 Desert Island
8 Outrigger Island 0
9 Builder's Enclave 0
10 slave Myst 1
11 Affairs of the Heart 0