Winter's Snow Tour 2023!

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Welcome to Elite Palace's 15th Annual Winter's Snow Tour 2023. This tour will be open to All palaces, doesn't matter where they are hosted (prizes will be different if the winner is an ElitePalaces client or if are external homes). The signups will be closed on December 7th, 2023. The tour will be open to be visited on December 10th at 11:00am EST.

The ElitePalaces Winter Tour 2023 will also include Winter Tours that have been featured in the past. This will give a chance to all new and previous winter tours to become a part of the fun.

Our Winter Tours will run the same as always. 1st,2nd and 3rd place votes will be decided by the people and the judges.

Important note: previous tours will not be counted in the running for this year's prizes (not elegible for 1st, 2nd or 3rd places), but will be eligible to win random prizes! A prize will be given to a palace randomly selected, as well as a prize to a random palace user who followed the tour and voted for a palace!.

So come on out and join us by entering your Winter Tour, or just come out to enjoy a festive atmosphere and support Elitepalaces by visiting the Winter tours and voting!

The votes will start on December 14th at the showroom palace.

Everyone can send "A vote" for the palace they want to win visiting Elitepalaces Showroom!. After voting closes on December 29th, a judging panel will select, at their sole discretion, three (3) winners.

*Please Note* The entries that receive the largest number of votes will not necessarily be chosen as the Winners.

The Winner will be announced on January 4th 2024.

Please start making your rooms at your palace, keep them hidden so normal users can't see them till the tour starts, and keep checking this site for new instructions buttons and the prizes list!.


The winning palace will be able to select 1 prize from this list:

1st Place

  • 1 new palace on basic plan for 3 months.
  • or 1 new radio shoutcast on basic128 plan for 3 months.
  • or 1 free upgrade (If you are an ElitePalaces client, the upgrade will be based on the actual paying plan, for mini plans we will duplicate the users and and the storage limits).
  • or 1 free month advertize (at welcome and chat palace).
  • or 1 free month of your current service at Elitepalaces.

The winning palace will be promoted at the palace portal main site and will be our featured palace (if is an elitepalaces client).

2nd and 3rd places
will be promoted at the palace portal

NOTE: if a staff palace wins, the prize will be duplicated for the second place.


Fill this form before december 7th 2023 to sign your palace to our tour!

Tour List!

This is the list of palaces that will participate in our tour.

If you are a palace owner: You will get an email with the information of the palace you need to link at your last room once your palace gets listed here.
If you are a tour visitor: You will find the list of palaces here, where you can click on the palace name to vist each palace. When you are finished you can then go to the "Votes Palace" to vote for your favorite tour.
Name Users Online
1 Take me home 4
2 ]v[agiç WørlD 0
3 Rincon de Fiorel@ 2
4 ChatAmor 9
5 DéN¡Z Y¡Ld¡Z¡ 0
6 IC/CoV Market and Library 0
7 Trial & Error Avatorium 1
8 !! é u ® o p å !! (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 3
9 Siempre Juntos 4
10 Outrigger Island (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 1
11 OCEAN 0
12 The Vault (Old tour, enjoy it again!) 0