Winter's Snow Tour 2013!

We have winners!!! Congratulations and thank you to all the palaces and visitors part of this tour, see you all in our next event!

The Votes!

Our 3 Judges sent us them 3 first places, 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 3 points and 3rd place gets 1 point for the final results, with the following comments:

Judge #1:

  • 5 points for Dark Pleasures Brothel - They have used a lot of creativity with their code and put in fantastic games, the theme was fun and there is no doubt that anyone who took their tour had fun!
  • 3 points for Midnight Shadows - Their pages are wonderfully put together it is a tour in the truest sense, it takes you on a journey as Christmas would be.
  • 1 point for Paraiso Tropical - Because they did their own graphics and had a wonderful story.

Judge #2:

  • 5 points for Dark Pleasures Brothel - Fun and Creative.
  • 3 points for Breathless Whispers - Simplicity of the tour...a good variety in the flow of pictures.
  • 1 point for Temptations - Because the silence, continuity, themed and nice pictures

Judge #3:

  • 5 points for Dark Pleasures Brothel - Really creative, good scripting and graphics.
  • 3 points for Midnight Shadows - Liked a lot the graphics and animations the effects of outside or inside the windows.
  • 1 point for Hiboux - Liked the Graphic Edit work and the animations.

And the people votes finished in this order (5 points 1st place, 3 points 2nd place and 1 point 3rd place)

  • 5 points for A Taste of Honey
  • 3 points for Dark Pleasures Brothel
  • 1 point for Hiboux
  • 1 point for Sweet Surrender

So.. doing a bit of maths...

  • 1st place with 18 points for Dark Pleasures Brothel
  • 2nd place with 6 points for Midnight Shadows
  • 3rd place with 5 points for A Taste of Honey

Tour List!

You can still visit the tour and enjoy our participants work.

Click on the palace name to vist each palace..
Name Users Online
1 Dark Pleasures Brothel 4
2 Whispering Knoll 2
3 Midnight Shadows
4 A Taste of Honey
5 Temptations
6 Sex On The beach
7 Dreamers Illusions
8 Breathless Whispers
9 Sweet Surrender
10 California Dreams 0
11 Paradise Found
12 Paraiso Tropical
13 NiteWinds
14 The Hangout
15 Dragons Lair
16 Nirvana
17 Alpha to Omega 1
18 Gyspy Charms 0
19 Twisted Pleasures
20 The Closet 0
21 Hiboux