Halloween Tour 2015!

We have winners!!!: Congratulations and thank you to all the palaces and visitors part of this tour, see you all in our next event!

The Event!

The party was really fun, we all had a great time and the winners were announced.

How we found the winners?

3 anonymous judges visited the tour and based in the tour rules, they sent to Us a list of what palaces they think are the first 3 ones, we give 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place.

We had open a votation room at our showroom palace from Oct 15th to Oct 27th, our automatic system counted all real votes and that is the 4th judge, the votes of the visitors, we got the list of the first 3 ones and have assigned the same points than the judges (5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd place).


Here you all can see some images of the event.

The Votes!

Here is the list of votes and comments of each judge.

Judge 1:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Outrigger Island: Loved the interactive animations, scripting and the great quality of the graphics.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Dragons Lair: Great Scripting and loved the games were included.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for The Vault: Original, good ideas loved the portrait room.

Judge 2:

  • 1st place (5 points) for The Vault: Original, Great Music & sound, Creepy looking animation, High quality work.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Outrigger Island: It was good , the music and animation was ok, good work.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Onchat Ev0lution: It was a good tour, the music was good was fun.

Judge 3:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Outrigger Island: The visual effects are great integrated and good scripting.
  • 2nd place (3 points) for The Vault: Great theming and original Ideas.
  • 3rd place (1 point) for Dragons Lair: A funny Tour with great scripted games.

Visitors Votes:

  • 1st place (5 points) for Dragons Lair
  • 2nd place (3 points) for Scagnars Myst
  • 3rd place (tie)(1 point) for The Vault
  • 3rd place (tie)(1 point) for Wild n Breathless
  • 3rd place (tie)(1 point) for Seduce Me

Final Results!!!

Name Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Visitors Total
Outtrigger Island 5 3 5 13
The Vault 1 5 3 1 10
Dragons Lair 3 1 5 9

Tour List!

This is the final tour list so you can visit them!.

If you are a palace owner: Please leave your tour open till November 2nd so people can visit it.
If you are a tour visitor: Hurry up!! Visit the palaces you have not checked yet and enjoy them really great work!.
Name Users Online
1 Exotic Eclipse
2 The Vault 0
3 Flirt Palace (Old Tour) 3
4 Dreamers Illusions (Old Tour)
5 Outrigger Island 2
6 Colors of Life 1
7 Wild&Breathless
8 Precious Gift Out of the tour
9 Onchat Ev0lution
10 Tower of Honor Out of the tour
11 Sweet Surrender 0
12 Smoke & Mirrors
13 Never Stop Dreamin 0
14 ChatAmor 2
15 Nuances
16 Dragons Lair
17 Todito (Old Tour) 0
18 §eĞuce Me
19 Honey´s Hideaway 8
20 Natural Instincts Out of the tour
21 Earth's Ebullience 0
22 Reminiscence
23 Isle of Skjern
24 Shades of Grey
25 Scagnars Myst 1
26 ĞeaĞly §in§
27 Shattered Innocence
28 gasolinealley
29 California Dreams (Old Tour) 0